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You may be more active than you think...

When it comes to burning calories, remember that whatever you are doing, if you are sleeping, eating, walking or even just laying looking at the ceiling contemplating life, you are always burning calories. This is how your body keeps functional and allows you to operate even the smallest of tasks.

When asked how many calories you are burning in certain workouts/tasks we can give an estimate, but it really is about how much intensity you are putting into these tasks. While having a rise in heart rate is a good indicator we are working harder and burning extra calories, are you really pushing yourself?

You don’t have to hit the gym to do this, we get sweaty and out of breath in everyday tasks we can do at home, at the park or out with the kids! Remember, the higher your heart rate the more calories you are burning as your whole body is working harder to perform the tasks! Also the higher it is, the longer you burn extra calories for hours after!

Lets take a look at a few tasks and see how many calories, on average we are burning performing them.

Playing football



Who does not love a kick about in the park or back garden! grab a ball, friend, kid or by yourself and see what you can do! Great for full body movement, balance and control as well as getting that heart rate up and getting you puffing! Just playing 30 minutes of footy will burn around from 260-311 calories for anyone between 11-13 stone! Relive all your Favourite  footy history moments and feel like a superstar again, or just teach your little ones how to be as good as you were in your day!

Dancing around

Like a bit of a boogie? well you ain’t just dancing, you are performing aerobic exercise! again using your full body and performing a range of movements which is great for your mobility. You can be burning around 210-311 calories in just half an hour of dancing about, having fun. Don’t worry if you don’t think you can dance, just let loose! Get your kids involved and create your own routines!

Going to the park

 We all enjoy going down to the park and acting like a kid again! Take your kid down and enjoy a full body workout! climbing, running and pushing are all standard at the park! This helps to work your muscles and raise that heart rate! Next time you are there think about the movements you are doing and you will see you are doing a lot more than you thought! Also you will be burning between 150 and 222 calories as you do! Bonus! So whether pushing a swing, climbing a ladder or chasing around, put a bit extra effort into it, play that bit longer! great for the soul, bonding and for your health!




Enjoy a bit of a wrestle? Great stuff! Throwing down is another great full body exercise! You are constantly pushing, pulling, lifting and throwing in this exercise, all with a weight as well. In all it covers just about everything you need for it to be called a workout! Easily burn about 160-250 calories in 30 minutes of just playing around! Create your own moves, make some spandex outfits and you are go! Maybe not the spandex…just an idea. Be extra.


Just keeping up with your kids can be hard enough,if you feel the above may be too intense start slow and build it up. look to them for your little energetic role models! You can start by going out for a walk with them, starting around your local area and stepping up to a nature walk, kids love to see new things so as much nature as possible!

We can exercise with kids at home with ease,  If your child is intrigued by your weird exercises you are doing in front of them, try get them to copy you! Start a simple ab routine and then add in plenty of jumping exercises like burpees, with plenty of praise while they copy. They will love to join in with you and learn new skills as they go!

Remember with all all this, the more effort you put into every one of these exercises, the more you will get out of it! So next time you are playing in any way, push yourself that little bit harder than you did last time, for that little bit longer than last time, and you will start to feel the benefits in no time!

Go and enjoy yourself! don’t spend another day feeling lazy and down. Just get up and love your life, sweat and laugh. Life’s too short ma

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