Hungry For Gainz?

Goals, Gainz and Plateaus

Firstly, lets talk about goals. What do you want? Like, really want. Are you working towards a short term goal or long term achievement? Whatever it is we all have them, or start on them at least. Before you can plan your gains you have to know what you are wanting from your next or current challenge.

When it comes to muscle building my impatience is probably what has help me back over the years. Start a programme, feel massive, excited, plateau, disappointing, switch to another programme, repeat the process over and over again. Sound familiar?  like a groundhog day of gym sessions.

Its not often I would say they are bad programmes, just don’t work for me…or do they?

A lot of the time its just that we need to give things time for our body’s to adapt and react, but there are other things that may be holding you back. I wrote a while ago about taking rest days and why this made me realise it was my own eagerness to hit the gym that was holding me back! The body needs rest to recover, sleep man! You grow at night! Don’t feel bad about chilling out for a day!

Change your workouts intensity. I have a lot of conversations with people who wonder why, even though they are lifting good weights, they are not seeing progression. Doing 2 hour workouts? spending 2 minutes between sets? Change this now! keep that blood pumping, keep your muscles guessing! cut it down to one minute rest, or 45s to really feel that burn in your workouts! Some sets should be a struggle! The only thing you should be doing on your phone is selecting music. not on Instagram between sets, come on man.

Start putting the weight up, gradually. People seem to think in 5s. like going from 40kg to 45kg. Stop there. Start thinking in 1.25kgs. Now, each week add on 2 1.25kg weights to your lifts. Small but achievable rises are where its at. This way you don’t get frustrated or “stuck” on a weight so easily!

Ahh diet, the foe of most, not just  important if you are looking to loose weight, but equally important if you are looking to get those gains! You must be in a calorie surplus to grow, simple as that. Ive learnt the hard way in my time about this. You need to fuel your body so its not turning to that wonderful lean muscle you are working on! Start looking at good quality protein coming into your body from good quality foods, yeah get your shakes in too, but focus more on what you are feeding yourself, this is what your body is utilising to run you throughout the day, which takes a lot, on top of that helping to build that muscle!

So a few of these I will be going further into in individually in future posts, so ask any questions you may need to.

Start looking at how you are living in and out of the gym before you decide if a programme is for you on not! Try new things and most of all, have a great playlist!


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